Your time is NOW

It's always a great time to set goals.. Why not now?

  • Easy To Integrate

    3 Days (60-90 minutes per day). No timelines. Do it from your phone or computer when it works for you!

  • Thoughtful Detail

    Over these three days, we will reflect, get crystal clear and take massive inspired action through proven strategies that will effortlessly set you up for success! Included in this course are multiple workshops, meditations, journal prompts and 24/7 lifetime access!

  • You've Been Told It All Wrong

    Up until now, you have been goal-setting all wrong, my friend. It's time to finally achieve everything you have been dreaming of! With secrets inside no one has ever told you about...

Is This For You?

  • Who Is This Course For?

    People who have set goals in the past but didn't follow through and now are in a place of distrust. People who want to set goals but just don't know how to follow through. What ever the stage, time, or place. This course is for you.

  • Who Is It NOT For?

    People who are not willing to dive deep and understand the ins and outs of what they want. People who would rather blame life for why they are unhappy. People who aren't willing to hold themselves accountable. Finally, people who aren't willing to have an open mind.


Owner Christine Elliott

Welcome to Live Free Mastery School: I am your head instructor Christine and it is my mission to create expansion in the world through helping others see the innate power within themselves. After a year of Cancer treatments and one clean bill of health I decided to help others to set themselves free through certified Integrative life coaching and online education. It is my hope that you find wisdom and growth though my life's lessons. Lets break free, together.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Goal Getter!

    2. Here Is A Quick Walk Through!

    3. Lesson 1 - Reflection

    4. Day 1 - Journaling

    5. Action Step Day 1

    1. Lesson 2 - Clarity

    2. Day 2 - Journaling

    3. Meditation - Setting The Intention

    4. Action Step - Day 2

    1. Lesson 3 - Inspired Action

    2. Day 3 - Journaling

    3. Vision Statement - Print Out/Fill In

    4. Meditation Instructions

    5. Meditation Download

    6. Action Step - Day 3

    7. Downloadable Planner

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    4. Finish Line!

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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    If you have done the work, participated and still do not feel satisfied I will refund your full investment back to you.