Abundance Is All Around You

You just haven't tapped into it... Yet

Every Hour, Of Every Day, You Are Manifesting. 

I want to help you to understand this process so you can manifest more of what you want. The money, the health, the relationship, the career, the travel. The list goes on and on. 

It starts first in your mind.

It's time to use that to your advantage!

Here Is What We Will Learn Together...

Over the next four self led lessons

  • How to become clear on what you actually want.

  • How to leverage Universal Laws in your favor.

  • Identify and release fears holding you back from your dreams.

  • Learn why people fail at manifesting abundance.

  • Reprogram your mind to effortlessly attract abundance.

Is This For You?

  • Who Is This Course For?

    This course is for all women, survivors of cancer or not. All are welcome here. There is something for everyone!

  • Who Is It NOT For?

    People looking for a "get rich quick" solution. People who aren't willing to keep an open mind. People who aren't willing to get uncomfortable from time to time and face some fears head-on.

  • Is This Course Specific To Cancer Survivors?

    No! This course has something for everyone and as such has been made to include everyone from all walks of life!

Here Is How..

How Do We Get You From Here To There?

  • 4 days of self-led easy-to-integrate education that fits into your already busy lifestyle. This can be done from any digital device from the comfort of your own home.

  • Videos, audios, journal prompts, visual aids and planners. All done for you!

  • Bonuses and add ons included!

  • Lifetime Access. Including any updates

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome - I'm So Excited That You Are Here!

    2. Instructions

    3. Terms and Conditions - Signature

    1. Audio Lesson - The Low Down

    2. Audio Lesson - Science Of Abundance.

    3. Meditation - Purpose of The Heart

    4. Journal Questions

    5. Just a little tip...

    1. Before The Audio Lesson...

    2. Audio Lesson - Universal Laws

    3. Journal Question

    1. Audio Lesson - Deconditioning Limiting Beliefs

    2. Journal Questions

    3. Meditation - Chakra Balancing

    1. Audio lesson - Soul Aligned Action

    2. Journal Questions

    3. Subconscious Reprogramming Download

    4. Action Steps

    5. Bonus: Strengthening Your Intuition Muscle With Sarah Sand

    6. More resources for you

    7. Discount Code - Thank You!

    8. Congrats!

    9. Finish Line!

About this course

  • $111.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Your Life Is Waiting

What if this was the missing piece?

For years I studied to understand how to manifest. I tried every avenue I could and I still couldn't achieve abundance. That is, until now. Imagine a life where every dream, goal, interest is within reach. How would you show up differently knowing you have all the tools needed to achieve everything you desire? This course will provide you with all the building blocks needed to shift your dreams into reality.


Owner Christine Elliott

Welcome to Live Free Mastery School: I am your head instructor Christine. Let me tell you a little about me: Navigating the loss of a father figure to cancer, while also grappling with diagnoses of breast and lung cancer, alongside my mother's own battle, was an arduous path. However, amidst this hardship, I found a transformative journey that reshaped my life profoundly for the better. I firmly believe that anyone facing adversity has the potential to convert their pain into a powerful force for growth and resilience. My aim is to illuminate this path and guide others through their own challenges. It is my hope that you find wisdom and growth through my life's lessons. Let's break free together.

Student Reviews

From Past Students

Packed Full!

by Susan - Canada

Embody your abundance is packed full of information and then actions to utilize this information to really come into your most abundance life. Christine leads you to some great ah ha moments through her information and journal questions. If your ready for more in your life, this is for you!