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Do you often feel overwhelmed and ineffective? If so, This is for you! Low impact, easy to integrate and effective. Feel calmer and more yourself in just 5 days.

  • The Science Of Stress

  • The Number One Reason For Overwhelm (and how to fix it)

  • How To Move Past Procrastination

  • 5-Day Challenge + Optional Meditation

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Owner Christine Elliott

Welcome to Live Free Mastery School: I am your head instructor Christine and it is my mission to create expansion in the world through helping others see the innate power within themselves. After a year of Cancer treatments and one clean bill of health I decided to help others to set themselves free through certified Integrative life coaching and online education. It is my hope that you find wisdom and growth though my life's lessons. Lets break free, together.


A short presentation/audio, a five day action plan, resources and two big surprises you don't want to miss out on!!!